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Tips to care for acrylic partial dentures

Acrylic dentures or partial dentures can help in filling the gap left by several missing teeth. They can be held in place by the teeth which are next to the gap. Most people call it removable partial dentures. These types of dentures have metal or plastic clasps that provide grip to the teeth on either side of the gap. Compared to replacements like bridges, partial dentures can be easier to clean. These are made of an acrylic base which is made of the unique colour and shape of an individual’s gum. They can fit precisely into a person’s gum or teeth.

A dentist begins the process by taking an oral scan of the person. The model of the patient’s teeth and mouth is used to design the prosthetic. The dentist then sends the design to a dental lab where the dentures get created. Once the dentist receives the dentures, the patient comes in for the fitting. The patient can ask the dentist to get the dentures adjusted based on the comfort level. Before leaving the dental clinic, the patient will be advised regarding what to expect while wearing Acrylic Dentures. The dentist will also provide some tips to care for the new dentures.

Taking care of partial dentures

These dentures work well and can be more effective if they are maintained. Here are some tips to look after your acrylic dentures:

Clean the Dentures Twice a Day:

Just like how you maintain oral hygiene, the dentures also need to be kept clean. The cleaning should be done twice a day and if possible, you should clean the dentures after every meal. You can clean them using a denture cleaning solution prescribed by your prosthodontist. You can also use mild cleaning products or you can brush them with a denture brush that has soft bristles which are not used for the natural teeth. Make sure that you clean each and every part of your dentures. Other than this, pay special attention to your gums and teeth that hold the dentures.

Avoid Dropping the Dentures:

Dentures might break easily. So you should clean them over a bowl of water or on a towel. This would help in soft landing even if the dentures slip and fall from your hands.

Avoid Wearing Dentures to Sleep:

It is not recommended to wear dentures to sleep. Dentures need to be kept aside when not in use. This way, your mouth would also get the much needed rest from the dentures. Take the dentures off before you go to bed and after cleaning the dentures, soak them overnight.

Soak Dentures Overnight:

Partial dentures should be soaked overnight in cold water or in the prescribed cleaning solution. Overnight soaking of the dentures can keep it from getting warped and this would help the dentures retain their shape.

Schedule Frequent Visits to the Dentist:

At times, dentures may not snugly fit like how it used to fit earlier or worse still, it might break. The solution for this is not a DIY home repair. If you have problems with your acrylic dentures, visit a prosthodontist and get your dentures corrected by a professional.