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All-On-5 dental implants

Things to know about All-On-5 dental implants

Loosing of teeth is unfortunate but is one of the common realities for many people of different ages. Most of them choose dentures and that was found to be the only one choice to replace the missing teeth. When using dentures, it caused big hassles and discomfort with pain. Later the option for dental implants has been a great alternative for dental procedures. In recent days many options are available for full mouth dental restoration and, one among them is all on 5 dental implants. This dental procedure has advantages and takes them to step further to increase durability, reliability, and effectiveness. The dental procedure of all-on-5 dental implants uses five implants that use five implants methods to secure all the teeth in a place. Patients are provided with full teeth restoration without using any of the bone graftings within the shortest time possible. The all-on-5 teeth restoration procedure provides an effective restoration of the upper jaws as longer and stronger implants can be secured in the other part of the jaws. 

What is all-on-5’s:

All –on-5’s is one dental implant treatment procedure that provides you with full set teeth without any need to undergo multiple surgeries and replacement procedures to place a full set of implants in your mouth. This procedure is sturdier than the typically all-on-4 dental implants and offers advanced treatments than it. It gives full support to your full mouth dental implants and, it also supports full bridge or full denture. The procedure was developed to eliminate the necessity of extensive surgery, bone grafting and other complicated dental procedures and treatments. This treatment is most needed for the patients who suffer from ill-fitting dentures or non-restorable natural teeth could have benefited immensely from dental implants. And, choosing all-on-5 dental procedure has more dental advantage and it’s a technique for full mouth replacement. 


  • The dental implant has produced a 97% success rate for most of the patients. 
  • The treatment is stable and gives a permanent solution.
  • The implant treatments are designed to last a lifetime.
  • The implants do not move, slip or cause any friction.
  • The procedure helps in retaining the bone and other frictional structures.
  • It helps to minimize the loss of bones.
  • Investing in all-on-5 that can save money in dental cost over the lifetime
  • Thus doing this procedure you can laugh, eat, talk, and smile again with confidence.

Alternative to traditional dentures:

Now it’s time to say goodbye to traditional dentures because it can be lost, can cause pain and some it will be ill-fitting. The all-on-5 fixed bridges to traditional dentures and, it always looks like natural teeth and never needs to be taken out. This dental procedure is not messy additives or uncomfortable wires to be placed in your mouth. It reduces up to 70% to bite down that allows you to eat foods of your favourite whether it can be cold or hot. Fixed dental implants can be cleaned, brushed, and flossed like normal teeth. It is also necessary to be aware of the advantages of dental implants for full mouth replacement for certain times but make sure that implants are right for you. Choosing all-on-5 treatment to replace dentures is permanent solutions, stable dental implants is a big one. The patients are unique with unique cases so you should make sure that the treatment recommended to you is personalized and it suits any individual case. 

Bottom lines:

Thus these are some of the things to know about the all – on – 5 dental implants. This procedure helps you to restore your smile with the dental implants.